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Sayings of Client's


We had the good fortune of having Sarah cook for our New Year’s Eve party for 28 people. She did an amazing job! We met about 8 weeks prior to the event and she helped plan our menu. She has wonderful ideas, so we went with her suggestions. She cooked in our condominiums kitchen. She made endive spears with jumbo lump crab and a roasted jalapeno cilantro sauce, a leek tart, and figs stuffed with brie and bacon (so tasty)! For the main course, she made two giant standing rib roasts which she removed from the bone, seasoned and then tied back on. She also made a red wine Demi glace, horseradish cream sauce, Yorkshire pudding, roasted fingerling potatoes, and the most incredible creamed spinach. The food was so good that all the guests wanted her card. She did all the shopping and came early to prepare everything. She left the kitchen as clean as she found it. She is a talented chef and a wonderful person to do business with. We would hire her again in a second!

A few years ago my daughter began a holiday tradition of surprising her Dad and me with mouthwatering platters created by Chef Sarah. From the first bite of Sarah’s meals, you will taste how wonderful a wholesome, homemade, top-quality meal can be when created by such talent. You will never want to cook again!
Everything is done for you: menu selection, shopping, dietary needs, cooking, and clean up!

The only thing you are required to do is enjoy the culinary experience, and try to save room for her desserts! What began as a holiday tradition has blossomed into other events, each one outstanding, each one unique to our family’s needs. There is no need for me to ever feel stressed in my kitchen again now that we have found Sarah.

Chef Sarah is wonderful at creating delicious treats and dishes. She cares very much for her customers and will go the extra mile to make sure her dishes are extra special and delicious. Can’t wait for her next new dish!

Lori G.

Exceptionally delicious!

Chef Sarah has provided comfort by way of my stomach for years. She has an unsurpassed talent for the ordinary. She never lets me down. Keep on cooking!